Meet Our Team

Relax, we have got you covered. Our team of specialists thrive in all aspects of the commercial real estate industry. Whether you are a national tenant, landlord, growing business, developer, or visionary – we accommodate all of our clients with a creative and cutting-edge approach to execute strategies and exceed expectations.

Expert in urban street front & suburban placemaking.

Lives life glass half full.

AJ Schrader

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Gwen White.png

Gwen White

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Making the best
available not the best of what's available.

Matt Holmes

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Sydnie Taylor

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Barker In Charge 


Brian Mirkovich

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Hilary Parker

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Sami Zeger

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Cece Vohs Cimino

Cece Vohs Cimino

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San Francisco native. Loves all things NorCal.


“Carpe Diem” & 
“Nose to the grindstone”

Kent DeSpain

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Dad of Three,
Father of Leasing Space.

Scott Turner

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Thad Logan

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Cocoa - dog picture

Never met a treat she didn't like



Lani on tour